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Martial Arts in Kenton, Devon 

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Martial arts teaching Nr Exeter, Devon

call for lessons now 07850119425

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese Kung Fu system probably developed about 300 years ago. It has an emphasis on unarmed close-range fighting, although it includes weapon techniques and techniques suitable for various ranges.

Ying Hung

The Wing Chun system taught is Ying Hung Wing Chun of the 'Chu Sau Lei' family, as developed by Robert Chu (Chu Sau Lei) and handed down to his disciple, and my teacher, Alan Orr.



Leigh Carr, Instuctor
One-to-one tuition and private small groups are taught in the Devon area. I am based in Kenton, near Exeter.



Lessons can also be given privately one-to-one or in small groups. The lessons can cover forms, structure, Chi Sao, sparring/glove drills, fitness and Qi Gong. The lessons are tailored to an individuals needs and will be at a challenging but achievable pace.