Martial Arts in Kenton, Devon 

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Martial arts teaching Nr Exeter, Devon

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Lessons -
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NEW regular classes taught Nr Exeter, In private location with matted area, heavy bag, protective equipment and kettle bells.
Training times:
Thursday Evenings 7.00pm until 9.00pm :-
Technical work, forms, Chi Sao, structure testing and Chi Gung.

Sunday Evenings 7.00pm until 9.00pm :-
Sparring, conditioning, heavy bag work, kettle bells and endurance training.

Lessons can also be given privately one-to-one or in small groups. The lessons can cover forms, structure, Chi Sao, sparring/glove drills, fitness and Qi Gong. The lessons are tailored to an individuals needs and will be at a challenging but achievable pace.
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Honour Code:

Remain disciplined and conduct yourself as a martial artist with martial virtue (Mo Duk).

Observe courtesy and brotherhood, love your country and observe your elders.

Have love for your fellow students, maintain unity and avoid conflict.

Temper desires and maintain your health.

Train regularly and maintain your skills.

Maintain proper spirit and avoid conflict and arguments.

Often help others, conduct yourself warmly and scholarly.

Help the weak and the young, use martial arts for benevolence.

Preserve the tradition of this Chinese art passed down from our ancestors.