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Wing Chun -
Ying Hung Wing Chun, founded by Alan Orr in the UK to pass on the teachings of Robert Chu, founder of Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun.

The Wing Chun System traditionally consists of three empty-hand forms, a wooden dummy form and two weapons forms, butterfly knifes and a tapered pole.

Supplimental to these forms is the sensitivity training exercise called Chi Sao -"sticking hands".

In order to train certain attributes other exercises include 'Structure testing', Sparring(Gor Sau), ground work, Joint locking and control(Chin Na), amongst others.

For the generation of power, maintenance of general health and fitness, energy-cultivation through breathing and stances (Qi Gong) is trained. This is also related to 'Iron Shirt' training, where body and mind are conditioned to hard physical blows.